Dear Precure comm

im sorry its had to come this but i dont think ill ever be posting on here again

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Its a shame since it used to be a really fun community but lately its gone way downhill
and i don't think it will ever go back to the way it was 
the last straw was last week someone linking my tumblr profile for harassment purposes now i feel posting there is not only pointless but and invitation for harassment

It doesn't help over the last few months just because i have a different opinion ive lost so many people i thought were my friends (including one i found out yesterday) and it really hurts since i trusted them and didn't think they would do that 

So now i guess this is goodbye  there are still some good users out there but its not worth the risk with how many people dislike me 


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serious entry PLEASE READ

ok i am very disapointed with how the precure community is acting right now lately ive been more into hetalia and chatalia so i came back one day to see not one but TWO major fights had happened i am very annoyed since it didnt used to be this way at all not only that but i have a feeling if their is another fight this week itll be a huge one that will cause a online civil war i dont want this to happen cause if it does ill have to defect for chatalia for a while
so people get your act together before i have to call a mod on you


so i basiclly lost interst in k-on (sorry relaxed_candy dont worry it doesnt have anything to do with you) so i was debating that as well as the fact that i only have 2 more chapters to go in death note what series i should do next
some ideas i have are
Paradise kiss(probably the forunner)
Sugar Sugar rune
other ideas?
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